Vatican Statement Exemplifies Church at its Worst

A recent issue of The Age (June 12),  included an article entitled “Church rejects idea of gender fluidity

Let me declare at the outset, I have nothing against Roman Catholicism;  however, I have a big problem with some in the Church (of any denomination) who sully Jesus’ (and the Church’s) image with gross religiosity. (See “Religion/Theology” in the “Words of the Word” section of this website).

When the church makes proclamations that fly in the face of the good news of Jesus’ message, it goes a long way to explaining why the church is dying in western civilisation. How dare a group of privileged men, a world away from normal real life relationships, often out of touch with their own sexuality, criticise those who have to deal with gender identification issues that the church elite cannot even imagine! 

Consider how Jesus, who had compassion for everyone, especially for those who were outside ‘respectable’ society, would treat people finding it difficult to fit into their own bodies or into  socially prescribed gender images. It certainly would not begin with condemnation, telling them they were making a  choice to “annihilate nature.”  

There is nothing in the gospel to suggest Jesus had any problem with those who were not included among the average person’s perception of the sexual norm, so why has the Catholic Church made it a concern?  It scares them, just as it frightens so many people who have a hard time with things they don’t understand.  And to the extent that their fear leads to actions that hurt innocent people, it brands them as seriously short on faith, hardly the kind of leadership the church needs.

That said, this is probably another example of a group making a decision that many, indeed probably most, of the members of the group would not make if they were engaged in a one-to-one pastoral relationship with a person to whom this statement of the Vatican applies. 

Bob Thomas, June 2019

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