UCA Birthday Celebration

The 43rd birthday of the Uniting Church in Australia was celebrated on June 21st with a Geelong-wide Zoom worship service. The service was well received on  the full allowance of 100 devices; however, the number would have been considerably more but for an administrative error that prevented the use of the 500-device licence purchased for the occasion.

The Presbytery apologises to those who tried, but who were unable to ‘find a pew’ on the Zoom service.  Some of these people were able to watch the service on Facebook, but those who missed out may watch a recording of the service here::

Just click on the play ‘arrow’.  There are about 12 minutes at the beginning before the start of the service that can be skipped by adjusting the sliding bar to the right of the play/pause button,

The text for a ‘local’ service is also provided at “Minister/View from the Pulpit/Sermons/Season of Pentecost”