Welcome to Oz

Having recently added a function to this website that keeps track of  whence visitors to it come, we have been astounded to learn that over 80% of our visitors live overseas, particularly the United States.  In fact, many more Americans view the website than Australians.

We have avoided providing a function on the website that allows visitors to leave comments because, on past experience, most of those who comment are SPAMers.   However, it would be good to hear from those who visit the website, so if you would like to make comments, please email Rev. Bob at bobuc2@juno.com, and your (genuine) comments will be posted (unless you would rather they remain confidential).

At the end of November and early December, the number of hits suddenly jumped to over 10 times normal, with the bulk of visitors coming from the U.S.A.  There was particular interest in the article on the Trinity under “Words of the Word”.  We would love to hear from those visitors, to know the reason for the sudden interest in the Trinity, especially at this time of year (Advent).