We’re Back!

On November 29th, the first Sunday of Advent, we began the new church year with worship back in our church buildings.

Of course, we haven’t completely return to normal, as there are procedures to follow to protect people from infection with the Virus (click here to see details of these measures), nor have we abandoned those who are not yet confident to return to public gatherings. The Ocean Grove services (10:30am) are being streamed live on Zoom, so those who wish to stay home  still will  be able to be a part of our worship. (The Barwon Heads service cannot be streamed at present due to lack of internet facilities.)

Attendance restrictions have been lifted to a maximum  of 150, so the capacity of the church buildings is limited only by the 2 sq. metres per person rule. This will allow our usual congregations to meet without having to exclude anyone.

For the first service, we met outside to begin the services and marched in as a group to ‘retake’ the church buildings.