Chaos, Creation and God

Rev. Bob has a keen interest in the meeting point of science and religion, and one area that has piqued this interest is chaos theory and its relationship to creation theology.  In researching this area, he found that many, maybe most, and perhaps even all examples of creative activity, whether divine or human, begin in chaos.  This suggests the hypothesis that chaos is the  seed of all creative activity.

For example, evolution occurs because of random changes in organisms, some of which create an advantage in the struggle for life, and so are passed on in the progeny of that genetically advantaged organism.  Even the Big Bang that marked the creation of the universe could have been a random quantum event, and so chaos could be considered the primary tool of creation.

However, the very definition of chaos must be re-examined in the light of both creation science and creation theology. While serving as a chaplain at Deakin University in the late 1990s, Rev. Bob had occasion to write a paper, “Chaos, Creation and God,” which can be downloaded here. Though the paper is of an academic nature, it may reward the effort to read it.

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