The Joys of Love Triangles

Here is an idea designed to strengthen the web of relationships within our church family.  The concept is a simple one: a network of sharing and praying triangles in which every member of the church is matched with two others.  To start, these triplets would covenant to meet at least 10 times during a 100-day period of sharing and praying.  The purpose is to help the congregation become a more-caring and more close-knit church in an intentional way.

The commitment is simple: to meet with the two other people in your triangle in order to get to know each other better and to pray for each other and the church.  The when and where is up to each triplet to decide for itself.  At the end of the 100 days, there will be a worship celebration in which we will praise God for the growth that will have taken place.  And who knows, some might find the experience so rewarding they will want to continue.

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