On Being the Church

One of the issues that inevitably comes to mind when we are asked to bring new people into the church is: What do we have to offer this person?

The answer to this question lies in another, more important question:  What does the church offer to me?  Obviously, if one cannot answer the second question, there is no hope of answering the first one.

For many people church is little more than a social club.  It offers fellowship and is a place where we can regularly meet with friends, but as such, it offers no more than any other social club.

For others it is a habit that is so socially acceptable that there is no motivation to break it; but does one invite another into a habit?  Not likely.

For some it is the crux of a bargain with God: “God, I’ll go to church, if you keep me out of hell, both here and hereafter.”  However, the fear upon which this bargain is based is not likely to attract outsiders.

On a more positive note, the church can be a place where we have the chance to do good deeds that we couldn’t manage on our own, but one could just as well be a member of the Lions or Rotary.

The unique thing about being a member of the church is faith in something outside ourselves, which allows us to give ourselves up to a new vision of reality, and to follow a man named Jesus along a road that the world considers foolishness into dreams of life that only comes through death of self-concern….and to ACT on this faith.

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