Size Does Matter

In a recent sermon on the young Jesus, I noted that he was said to have “increased in wisdom and in stature, and in favour with God and man,”  (Lk. 2:52)  and I referred Prof. Bernard Loomer’s use of the word ‘size’ as shorthand for “wisdom and stature.”

Persons of ‘size’have large images of God and God’s presence in their lives, and see God’s work as cosmic, over billions of years and in billions of galaxies, rather than simply focused on the earth and human beings. Persons of ‘size’ in religion, politics, and business, look beyond their own interests and the even the interests of their country to the good of the whole. What happens to others is almost as important as what happens to them!

At present, it is all too evident that there is a dearth of people of ‘size’ in government and business.

If anything came out of the series of international conferences on climate change in the past couple of decades, it was how immature – how ‘small’ – we are as a species, and how few people of ‘size’ were present. All these leaders from different countries around the world were gathering to save the future from the ravages of runaway climate change, and (particularly those in the Australian delegation) repeatedly proving themselves too small; unable to get beyond their own narrow parochial self-interest, even to prevent a global environmental collapse.

In the face of the world’s continually expanding refugee crisis, politicians in both our major parties have demonstrated a similar ‘smallness’, giving priority to the politics of fear over the needs of hurting, desperate people.  

With an election on the horizon, it is critically important to elect to leadership people of ‘size’.  It won’t happen all at once, of course, but to start, it is necessary to vote against all incumbents, whatever their party, who have not proven themselves to be people of wisdom and stature – SIZE – as demonstrated by how they have voted on the important moral issues facing us as a nation and a species.

It may mean voting against your usual inclination, but it will send a message to our politicians; namely, you will NOT get a second term UNLESS you demonstrate your ‘size’ while in office.  Spread the word: we will no longer put up with moral and intellectual ‘pymies’ in government.

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