What if God Came to Earth & Nothing Changed?

We are Christians because we believe God revealed Godself in Jesus in a new way.  Jesus’ life mattered.  It mattered so much that billions of people have had their lives affected, and the shape of the world has changed as a result. Christmas is a celebration of this world-changing event.  Even today, 2000 years later, Christmas has the power to change people, even if only for a few days. For at least a short time, there are more smiles on faces and hope burns a bit brighter.

I sometimes wonder how often God has done this: what is the divine batting average? How many other new births have come and gone, but were largely ignored because the timing was wrong, or the media failed to cover the story, or people were distracted by the Grand Final. 

Perhaps God has tried hundreds, thousands,…trillions of times, but succeeded only once or, at most, a few times.  How many Christmases would we celebrate if only we were awake to God’s coming?

Just think of the frustration in heaven!  God plops down in the midst of people, and they can’t take their eyes off the television long enough to say, “Amen.”  Perhaps the miracle of Christmas is that God succeeded even once.

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