Easter for Christians is not just one day, but rather a 50-day period. The season of Easter, or Eastertide, begins at sunset on the eve of Easter and ends on Pentecost, the day we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit and the birth of the Church (see Acts 2).

Easter is also more than just an extended celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. In the early church, Lent was a season for new converts to learn about the faith and prepare for baptism on Easter Sunday. The initial purpose of the 50-day Easter season (7 Sundays) was to continue the faith formation of new Christians.

Today, this extended season gives us time to rejoice and experience what it means when we say Christ is risen. It’s the season when we remember our baptisms and how, through this sacrament, we are, according to the liturgy, “incorporated into Christ’s mighty acts of salvation.” As ‘Easter people,’ we also ponder and prepare to celebrate the birth of the Church and gifts of the Spirit at Pentecost, and how we are to live as faithful disciples of Christ.

Click on the links below to explore the Sunday themes.

Easter 2019 – “The Stuff of Easter”

Easter 2020 – “Hidden Reality”

Easter 2021 – “An Invitation to be Startled, Not Frightened”

Easter 2022 – “The Stuff of Easter”

Easter 2C  2019- “Feeling Low”

Easter 2A  2020 (Earth Sunday)- “I Doubt it”

Easter 2B 2021 – “I May Be Wrong, but I Doubt It”

Easter 2C 2022 – “Faint-Hearted to Faith-Hearted”

Easter 3C  2019 – “God of Surprises”

Easter 3A  2020 – “On the Road”

Easter 3B 2021 – “The ‘I’ Witness”

Easter 3C – “Feed My Sheep”

Easter 4C  2019- “Calling Forth Life”

Easter 4A 2020 & Harvest Thanksgiving – “My Kind of Church”

Easter 4C 2022 & Mothers’ Day

ANZAC Day 2021 (replacing E4B) – “I’m Sorry”

Easter 5C  2019 – “A Revisioned World”

Easter 5A 2020/Mother’s Day – “A Place for All”

Easter 5B 2021/Mother’s Day – “Water is Thicker Than Blood”

Easter 5C 2022 – “Crisis of the City”

Easter 6C  2019 – “The Undeserving Poor”

Easter 6A 2020 – “The Truth Gets Personal”

Easter 6B 2021 – “Love is Not a Noun”

Easter 6C 2022 =”We are Family”

Easter 7C 2019 – “Jesus Means Freedom”

Easter 7/Ascension A 2020 – “Gone Where?”

Easter 7B 2021 – “Nourished by Law”


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