Season of Pentecost

The name Pentecost comes from the Greek word meaning “fiftieth.” Originally, the name “Pentecost” referred to a Jewish harvest festival known as the Festival of Weeks. This festival was also called Pentecost because it took place seven full weeks or fifty days after the Feast of First Fruits. However, fifty days after Jesus’ resurrection, tradition tells us the Holy Spirit appeared as tongues of fire above the heads of people gathered in Jerusalem for Pentecost, and gave them the ability to understand foreign languages they never knew before, thus reversing the curse of Babel (Genesis 11).  Afterward, the Apostles preached to the crowd and, according the Book of Acts, 3,000 people came to faith in Jesus, and the Christian Church was born. 

The Christian Church now celebrates this special event 50 days after Easter on the Day of Pentecost. The season of Pentecost is the longest season in the Christian Church year. It lasts until the season of Advent begins the new church year (In some churches it is interrupted by the Season fo Creation in September), a period of between 22 and 27 weeks, depending upon the date of Easter.

The season of Pentecost is often referred to as the non-festival half of the church year because, during this time, the Christian Church does not celebrate a major festival commemorating the life of Jesus; thus it is also referred to as Ordinary Time. The word “ordinal” simply means counted time.

On the first Sunday after Pentecost, the Christian Church celebrates Trinity Sunday.  Thereafter, the emphasis is on on the teachings of Jesus; however, there are some other special days, such as the Uniting Church Birthday, Reformation Sunday, All Saints Day, and Christ the King Sunday. The liturgical colour for season of Pentecost is green to symbolise how Christians grow in their faith through God’s Word.

See also “Pentecost/Holy Spirit” in “Words of the Word” elsewhere on this website.

Links to Sermons in the Season of Pentecost

Day of Pentecost  C (09-06-2019)

Day of Pentecost A (31-05-2020)

Trinity Sunday C (16-06-2019)

Trinity Sunday A (07-06-2020)

Ordinary Sunday 11 A (14-06-2020)

UCA Birthday C (23-06-2019)

UCA Birthday A (21-06-2020)

Ordinary Sunday 13A  (28-06-2020)

Ordinary Sunday 14C (07-07-2019)

Ordinary Sunday 14A (05-07-2020)

Ordinary Sunday 15C (14-07-2019)

Ordinary Sunday 15A (12-07-2020)

Ordinary Sunday 16C (21-07-2019)

Ordinary Sunday 16A (19-07-2020)

Ordinary Sunday 17C (28-07-2019)

Ordinary Sunday 17A (26-07-2020)

Ordinary Sunday 18C (04-08-2019)

Ordinary Sunday 18A (02-08-2020)

Ordinary Sunday 19C (11-08-2019)

Ordinary Sunday 19A (09-08-2020)

Ordinary Sunday 20C (18-08-2019)

Ordinary Sunday 20A (16-08-2020)

Ordinary Sunday 21C (25-08-2019)

Ordinary Sunday 21A (23-08-2020)

Ordinary Sunday 22A (30-08-2020)

Ordinary Sunday 27C (06-10-2019)

Ordinary Sunday 28C (13-10-2019)

Ordinary Sunday 28A (11-10-2020)

Ordinary Sunday 29C (20-10-2019)

Ordinary Sunday 29A (18-10-2020)

Reformation SundayC (27-10-2019)

Ordinary Sunday 30A (25-10-2020)

All Saints Day A(01-11-2020)

Ordinary Sunday 31C (03-11-2019)

Ordinary Sunday 32C (10-11-2019)

Ordinary Sunday 32A (08-11-2020)

Ordinary Sunday 33C (17-11-2019)

Ordinary Sunday 33A (15-11-2020)

Christ the King C (24-11-2019)

Christ the King A (22-11-2020)

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