Season of Creation 1C (01-09-2019)

Ocean Sunday

It is certainly appropriate that we are led to start with a focus on the oceans. For a start, they cover roughly 71% of the earth’s surface, and furthermore, they were the cradle of all life, some 3 billion years before the land was inhabited by any living thing. But most relevant for us today, the oceans are the key to our future.

Not only did life begin in the oceans, the seas continue to support our lives.  Oceanic evaporation is the source of most rainfall, and ocean temperatures determine both climate and wind patterns that affect life on land.  We often think of trees and other plants as important for providing oxygen for us to breathe, but half of all the oxygen in the air comes from marine organisms..  

When thinking of global warming people mainly are thinking of air temperatures, but the temperature of the ocean is far more critical, and much more definitive of the problem we face.  Ocean temperature is a driver of climate in several different ways, and only a small change in water temperature can have very significant effects on ocean currents, rainfall patterns, air temperatures and storm intensities.  

Rather than relate here the sermon for the day, I refer you to a presentation I have made to several groups on the broader topic of our environmental responsibility as followers of Jesus. In it you will find the material for each of my Season of Creation sermons, plus a good bit more. Click here to read “Evolution Stops Here.”

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