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    • Welcome to those of you who believe.
    • Welcome to those of you who do not believe.
    • Welcome to those of you who do not know what to believe.
    • Welcome to those of you who believe in another way.
    • Welcome to those of you who are too hurt to believe anything.

This page provides some very basic facts about the Barwon Heads-Ocean Grove congregations, and directs you to other pages for more detailed information.

During the current period of restrictions due to the coronavirus, the church building is not being used for our usual activities.  We hope to resume worship and other functions as soon as we are permitted.  Meanwhile, worship is being streamed online via ‘Zoom’ at 10 am each Sunday through the link:

Meeting ID: 928 9023 1567

Password: 019055

Audio files and text for the whole worship service can be found under “Minister/View from the Pulpit/Sermons” on this website.

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Worship:  Worship services are held each Sunday at 10:30 am at the Ocean Grove church,  cnr. Eggleston and The Parade, and at the…

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Barwon Heads church,  Hitchcock Ave, at 9 am, except on the 3rd Sunday of the month when the service is at 5pm, followed by a meal.  Services last about an hour.

Holy Communion: The Eucharist is celebrated as part of the worship service on the first Sunday of each month. Everyone is welcome to participate, including children.

Baptisms: Except in exceptional circumstances, baptisms are celebrated as part of a normal service of worship. To arrange a baptism, please contact the minister.  (See “Contact Us”)

Funerals: If you would like a funeral to be held in either church building, please first contact your Funeral Director of choice. They will then contact the Minister, confirm availability of the Church, and make arrangements for refreshments.

Parking:  There is ample parking for vehicles on both church properties.

Dress: The days of ladies with hats and gentlemen in coats and ties are long gone.  People wear a wide variety of attire from semi-formal to shorts and thongs, so feel free to wear whatever is comfortable.

Children:  Children are most welcome to accompany their parents to church. There is a small play area in the back of the sanctuary at Ocean Grove where they can be engaged if they are too young to participate in the service.  When children are present, the minister will include a story or activity for them as part of the day’s theme,


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