The Season of Advent

Advent begins the Church’s liturgical year (see “What Purpose Lent” under “A Bob’s-Eye View” on this website for a brief description of the liturgical year), starting on the fourth Sunday before Christmas.

Like Lent, it is a season of preparation, and shares with Lent the liturgical colour, purple. Each of the four Sundays in Lent has a theme: Hope, Peace, Joy and Love.  “Advent” means coming, which necessarily implies waiting, but Advent suggests  a particular kind of waiting; and active waiting in which one acts according to that which is expected.

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Advent 1A (Hope)  

Advent 1B

Advent 1C 

Advent 2A (Peace)

Advent 2B

Advent 2C 

Advent 3A (Joy)

Advent 3B 

Advent 3C

Advent 4A (Love)

Advent 4B

Advent 4C

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