54. Sing a Song of Freedom by Cliff Richard

Sing a Song of Freedom” by Cliff Richard 
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As I look around me I see the world
In a different light
Everything is changing and it happened
One night
Changing for the better and it starts
With you and me
So we’ll sing our song together and forever
We’ll be free
Sing a song of freedom
People together everybody sing
Sing a song of freedom each and everyman
People come together all across the land
If you’re looking for an answer
It’s very close hand
Just take a look around you and
Then you’ll understand
Clap your hands together and let
Me hear the sound
It’s the time for liberation so pass
The world around

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: D. Flett / G. Fletcher
Sing a Song of Freedom (Live) [2008 Remaster] lyrics © BMG Rights Management


This song reflects the need for company on life’s journey, both spiritual and physical, and points out the importance of church as the group of people who encourage and support each other on the spiritual journey to become fully human.  Of course, the bonding of people in the striving for justice and freedom in the outer world is also proclaimed, as indeed it must be, for the inner journey is reflected and attested in the outer world.

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