A P.S. from Joan

In past years, not many of my sponsors donated through the webpage, preferring to give 
cash, during and after the week of the Challenge.  I would then go online on their behalf and pay via our credit card, so that people could receive their  official ˜Thank you˜ receipt from AFP.
If people didn't have online access, I sent their postal details by mail with a cheque 
to AFP after any promised donations had all been received.  (Seems somewhat archaic now).
Online is obviously preferred by AFP (and by participants too).

I have to thank those who have sponsored me so far, that as well as a spice, I can add rations (because I sponsored myself). My kind supporters have earned me salt, and last night I  was  notified that I can add 120 grams of vegetable 
during the Challenge week.  Wow! Lucky me,
This is a real bonus for me and those participants  who eat a lot of veg and fruit in 
their normal diet. Apparently there are occasionally small bonuses in the camps.

On my first Ration Challenge, which was  particularly aimed to address the needs of the 
Rohingya  refugees on the Thai border, I was told I had earned enough to add a vegetable 
to my rations. Thanks to my generous sponsors who had give me this privilege.

I queried this as I thought it might be 'cheating'. I was told it was legitimate, as 
the refugees had been able to grow small patches of vegetables.  (Those poor people, still having a terrible time, still suffering and afraid to return home to Myanmar.)

Taking part in the Ration Challenge is both a humbling and enlightening experience. It makes one aware of our privileges, empathy for people in terrible circumstances and sympathy for those who maintain hope in spite of their extreme difficulties.

Thanks to all for your support.


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