60. Spiritual Fantasy by Steppenwolf

“Spiritual Fantasy” by Steppenwolf (click here to listen)   

Humanity grew weary
Of it’s doubtful state of mind
So it summoned from far and near
All the wise men
thought to be sincere
To heal it’s wounds and make it whole
And lead the way back to the soul
The charlatans they stayed behind
To count their bags of gold
And some stayed away as if to say
I know that my way’s the only way
Afraid to learn they may be wrong
They preach their nothingness at home
But the wise men came together with the hope to free mankind
Of the rubbish that had gathered in god’s name
To embrace and trust each other in the search for the supreme
And they found that all their teachings were the same
And when at last the word went round
That all were one and all
Many returned to seek the light
Nobody claimed that he was right
It’s sad to know it’s just a song
To dream and hope still can’t be wrong

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: John Kay
Spiritual Fantasy lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group


The teachings of Jesus and the teachings of Buddha have considerable overlap, and it is not completely farfetched to think that Jesus may have come into contact with Buddhist thought, which had been circulating for 400 or 500 years before he was born. Even if he had no knowledge of Buddhism, Jesus discovered some of the same truths that Siddhārtha Gautama found, including those in this song; e.g. the realisation that in this “creation in travail,” people are “causin’ all this rain” and we all need help to “stop the rain” before it’s too late.

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