An Act of God?

Perhaps there was Divine concern about the sermon that was about to be delivered as Rev. Bob entered the Barwon Heads church to begin the worship service on Dec. 8th, but for no apparent reason the Achilles in his left foot ruptured and he fell to the floor.  Thinking someone had kicked his leg, he turned to see who it was, but no one was there.

Rising to continue the service, he had a limp, but was not in great pain; however, shock set in, and he needed to sit down during the singing of the first hymn.  Light-headed, he  soon found himself on the floor, with concerned expressions all around.

An ambulance was summoned, and within the hour Rev. Bob was at the Epworth emergency room, feeling almost normal again, with the exception of his left foot, now in a cast.

In most cases of a ruptured Achilles tendon, the gap between the two ends of the tendon is typically about half a centimetre, and will heal without surgical intervention, but Rev. Bob had a 3 cm gap. He had surgery on Tuesday, 17 December at St. John of God Hospital, and is now at home recuperating.  The good news  is (depending on your point of view), he will not miss any more church services.