Although Jong Soo regularly published his sermons here, Rev. Bob is reluctant to publish his  for three reasons:

(1)  Sermons are meant to be delivered, and are composed with this in mind.  Sermons that are read and not heard are often found to be wanting compared to those that are heard.

(2)  In addition, sermons are delivered in the context of a whole worship service, the various parts of which complement one another in the explication of a theme.

(3) Finally, the sermon that is heard, more often than not varies, sometimes significantly,  from the one that has been prepared.

What follows are the essences of sermons, but not necessarily the sermon as delivered. Rev. Bob will ask the reader to explore with him a  theme suggested by the readings for the day, and taken up in his sermon, and in the process, perhaps answer some questions and pose others for the reader to ponder.

Easter (21-04-2019) – “The Stuff of Easter”

Easter 2  (28-04- 2019) – “Feeling ‘Low'”

Easter 3 (05-05-2019) – “God of Surprises”

Easter 4 (12-05-2109) – “Calling Forth Life”

Easter 5 (19-05-2019) – “A Revisioned World”

Easter 6 (26-05-2019) – “The Undeserving Poor”

Easter 7 (02-06-2019) – “Jesus Means Freedom”

Pentecost (09-06-2019)- “The Birth of Community”

Trinity  (16-06-2019) – “1+1+1=1?!”

UCA Birthday (23-06-2019)

Ordinary Sunday 14 (07-07-2019)

Ordinary Sunday 15 (14-07-2019)

Ordinary Sunday 16 (21-07-2109)

Ordinary Sunday 17 (28-07-2019)

Ordinary Sunday 18 (04-08-2019)

Ordinary Sunday 19 (11-08-2019)

Ordinary Sunday 20 (18-08-2019)

Ordinary Sunday 21 (25-08-2019)

Season of Creation 1 (01-09-2019)

Season of Creation 2 (08-09-2019)

Season of Creation 3 (15-09-2019)

Season of Creation 4 (22-09-2019)

Ordinary Sunday 27 (06-10-2019)

Ordinary Sunday 28 (13-10-2019)

Ordinary Sunday 29 (20-10-2019)

Reformation Sunday (27-10-2019)

Ordinary Sunday 31 (03-11-2019)

Ordinary Sunday 32 (10-11-2019)

Ordinary Sunday 33 (17-11-2019)

Christ the King (24-11-2019)

Advent 1  (01-12-2019)

Advent 2 (08-12-2019)


The following are some of Jong Soo’s last sermons.

13.01.2019_Baptism and wilderness_Rev Dr Jong Soo Park

06.01.2019_Historical and/or existential?_Rev Dr Jong Soo Park

16.12.2018_Annunciation_Rev Dr Jong Soo Park

09.12.2018_Good steward-Part 2_Rev Dr Jong Soo Park

02.12.2018_Good steward_Rev Dr Jong Soo Park

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