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All Sunday worship services are streamed via Zoom, and can be joined at 10am through the link:

Meeting ID: 928 9023 1567

Password: 019055

In addition to the ‘live’ worship on Sunday mornings, a text and audio service can be accessed at any time from this site. The worship service for October 25th is now available at “Minister/View From the Pulpit/Sermons”

If you would like a little practice with Zoom before you try worship online, Geoff Naylor is happy to help.  You may contact him by email at

Alternatively, you may email Rev. Bob at

Words that Bear the Word

Yes, God’s Word is available through the Bible, but not only through the Bible.  We believe that, throughout history, revelation has come to men and women, and some of these people incorporated it in their writing… It would be folly to believe that revelation has ceased or that people have stopped communicating the fruits of revelation in writing. We continue to be blessed by God’s Word as it comes to us through modern artists. (Click here to read more)

Joan successfully completes challenge

Joan Calcutt has now completed the ‘Ration Challenge’, to help raise money for, and draw attention to, the situation in refugee camps. Given the threat of catching the Covid virus in the overcrowded situations, the lack of hygienic facilities and food and medicine shortages, etc, the life of a refugee is  more precarious than ever.

As Joan has done for a few years, she registered to represent the church’s JIM group in the Challenge. Her family and friends in both Ocean Grove UC and Barwon Heads UC have been very supportive, helping her to raise over $2700 this year for the work of Act for Peace. 

Click here to read a report from Joan at the halfway point of her challenge

Although the challenge is over, anyone who would like to contribute to Joan’s effort can do so online by clicking on the following link:

The money  raised will help bring emergency food, hygiene kits and life-saving support to the people that need it most.

Click here to read a note from Joan

30 Of The Most Savage Things God Has Said On Twitter

If you didn’t know just yet, God is on Twitter. The Almighty has over 6.1 million devout fans eagerly awaiting His latest posts while He Himself follows only one account—Justin Bieber’s. The parody account is full of hilarious jokes and witty comments that will hopefully make you laugh and raise your spirits…except if you are easily offended by a bit of off-colour language and a suggestion of heresy 🙂  (Click here to read more.)

New Addition to Glossary

Progressive Christianity

Rev. Dr. John Bodycomb was certainly progressive; however, but he thought the term was needlessly smug, and preferred using “evolving” to describe the “variegated stream of thinking” (Two Elephants in the Room, pg.770) that has been spreading over Western Christianity for the last 70 years. Dr. Bodycomb characterised it as “a ‘grass-roots’ cry from members of all mainstream denominations for a faith worth living and dying for,”…  (Click here to read more)

UCA Birthday Celebration

The 43rd birthday of the Uniting Church in Australia was celebrated on June 21st with a Geelong-wide Zoom worship service. The service was well received on  the full allowance of 100 devices; however, the number would have been considerably more but for an administrative error that prevented the use of the 500-device licence purchased for the occasion.

The Presbytery apologises to those who tried, but who were unable to ‘find a pew’ on the Zoom service.  Some of these people were able to watch the service on Facebook, but those who missed out may watch a recording of the service here::

Just click on the play ‘arrow’.  There are about 12 minutes at the beginning before the start of the service that can be skipped by adjusting the sliding bar to the right of the play/pause button,

The text for a ‘local’ service is also provided at “Minister/View from the Pulpit/Sermons/Season of Pentecost”


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